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Renting a property offered through Assured Residential provides you with the reassurance that you’ll get a great property, as well as support through the rental process from one of our experienced team.

We help our tenants to find the right property for them, and offer convenient viewing times, six days a week. Once you’ve found your new home, and once referencing is complete, we will draw up a tenancy agreement, and carry out a thorough inventory supported by photographs before you move into the property. This will detail the condition of the property at the outset of your tenancy. Your bond will usually be held in our ring-fenced Client account and be protected by the insurance based Tenancy Deposit Scheme, to be compliant with the Housing Act 2004.

With properties throughout Coventry, Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington Spa and the surrounding areas to choose from, we’re sure to have the right property for you.


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Once you have decided on a particular property, you will be required, as with any financial commitment, to complete application forms so that we may take up references.

At this point we will require an original recent payslip and one other form of residential identification i.e. bank statement, council tax bill, credit card statement, mobile phone bill or utility bill and photographic identification i.e. UK photographic driving license or for non-UK Nationals, an EU id card or passport and visa and your administration fee.

The Mandatory Identification: We will require:
1. Photographic identification: i.e. U.K photographic driving license, passport or identification card (original must be photocopied at our office.)
2. Residential identification: i.e. bank statement, utility bill, mobile telephone bill or council tax bill showing your current address (original must be photocopied at our office.)
3. A recent payslip (original may be photocopied at our office or provided electronically).
Mandatory Right To Rent Checks:
In order to comply with the Immigration Act 2014 as amended 2016 we must not authorise an adult to occupy a property as their only or main home under a Residential Tenancy Agreement unless the adult: 􏰁 *Is a British Citizen 􏰁 *Is a European Economic Area (EEA) or Swiss national 􏰁 *Has a right to rent in England In order to establish this we are required by law to copy and keep a record of original documentation to demonstrate an adult’s unlimited or time-limited right to rent. We are also required to adhere to an ongoing checking procedure for those with a time-limited right to rent at the outset of a tenancy beginning after 1st February 2016. The most satisfactory identification would be a passport, passport with visa or EEA/Swiss national residence card and this would also be adequate to satisfy the requirement for photographic identification. A list of acceptable documents for right to rent checks is attached for further explanation.

Use the button below to open our Tenancy Application Form. You will need to print and complete.

We will carry out a credit assessment verifying the electoral role, searching public records for any adverse information such as CCJ’s, Bankruptcies, Voluntary Arrangements etc. and verification of current and previous addresses. We will also take-up a written Employer’s reference or other satisfactory verification of financial means or income and a previous Landlord/Agent reference, if appropriate.

There are clearly exceptions to the above. Should applications be received from parties on Housing Benefit, a clean credit history and residential identification will still be required and we will require a Guarantor to the tenancy, who must meet all of the above criteria. It is important to verify with us, prior to the initial viewing, whether the Landlord of a particular property is prepared to consider applications from parties on Housing Benefit.

For post-graduate students, we will require original proof of financial means, i.e. sponsorship.

We will be more than pleased to confidentially discuss your individual circumstances and requirements in detail with you.

Once references are complete and applications approved we will, in all cases, require at least one month’s rent in advance and to the equivalent of five weeks rent as a bond, in cleared funds, prior to the tenancy.

Whether managed or let only, we will hold the bond as Stakeholder. As a member firm of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme, we will register the tenancy details online and issue the appropriate certificate to you, the Tenant, to ensure that the bond is held within an appropriate insurance based scheme to comply with The Housing Act 2004 (Chapter 4 Sections 212 – 5; and Schedule 10) deposit protection requirements.

Signing the Tenancy Agreement

Before taking possession of the property, all parties on the Tenancy Agreement and any Guarantor must sign it, having their signatures witnessed. A Guarantor must sign the agreement before the tenants and not after.


Whether furnished or unfurnished we will prepare a detailed inventory and, where professionally managing a property, this will be supported by photographs.

Notifying Utilities

At the outset of your tenancy we will take meter readings and write to the appropriate utility suppliers (gas, water and electricity) and notify the council tax department with regard to the change in occupation. We cannot instruct telecom suppliers, cable or satellite t.v.

Getting the Keys

Once the Agreements are signed, and initial monies paid over and cleared, keys may be collected from our offices on the day the tenancy begins. We will arrange this with you. Often this is the same time as signing the agreements and paying over initial monies.

Ongoing rent

It is a condition of our tenancy agreements that rent be paid by standing order unless an alternative arrangement has been specifically agreed. The frequency of rental payments will be determined on your agreement and is always paid in advance. Where properties are professionally managed you will pay the rent to Assured Residential and where we are acting in a let only capacity you will pay the ongoing rent directly to your Landlord.

Managed or Let Only

Where we are to professionally manage the property, we will be your ongoing point of contact for all queries, maintenance issues and correspondence.

Where we are acting in a let only capacity your ongoing contact will be directly with your Landlord. We will, of course, advise you of this and provide you with direct contact details.


At the appropriate point in the tenancy we will establish whether your Landlord wishes to renew the tenancy and depending on their instructions we will write to you to either serve you with the appropriate possession notice or to establish whether or not you wish to renew.

With let only instructions we will correspond in the same manner should we be instructed by your Landlord to do so.

If your tenancy is not being renewed we may be instructed by your Landlord to advertise the property for re-letting approximately one month before you are due to vacate. Our tenancy agreements provide that access must be allowed with regard to viewing for re-letting, one month prior to the termination of the agreement.

Terminating a Tenancy

In most cases your tenancy agreement will be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy, as established by the Housing Act 1988 and amended by the Housing Act 1996. Neither Landlord nor Tenant may terminate this agreement before the expiry of the fixed term.

Should a tenancy continue after the initial fixed term but not on another fixed term this tenancy becomes statutory periodic (roll-over basis). In this instance, your Landlord is required to give you two rent periods notice for possession (two months for monthly tenancies), and you have an obligation to give one rent period notice (one month for monthly tenancies). The notice period should expire on the last day of a period of the tenancy (e.g. if your rent is due on the 1st of each month then your notice should expire on the 28th, 30th or 31st depending on the month)

With professionally managed properties, the keys must be returned to our Offices at the termination of your tenancy. Shortly after this, we will carry out an inventory inspection. Fair wear and tear excepted, the property should be rendered up in the same condition and to the same level of cleanliness, with all dilapidations and breakages having been replaced or made good as at the outset of your tenancy. No further works or cleaning should be required to re-let the property.

We will take meter readings and write to the appropriate utility suppliers (gas, water and electricity) and notify the council tax department with regard to the change in occupation. We will require your forwarding address. We cannot instruct telecom suppliers, cable or satellite t.v.

With let only instructions your keys must be returned to your Landlord, or to our offices if agreed at the termination of your tenancy. It is your Landlord’s responsibility to carry out an inventory inspection.

In let only cases we would advise that you take meter readings and notify utilities and the Council Tax Department yourself.

More Happy Customers

  • C S K
    My husband and I have had more than 10 estate agents over the student and young professional years around the country and Assured Residential have been the best estate agent we've ever had, by far! Excellent service, kind, human, tailored. No issues at all during the two years, all communication was clear, quick and transparent. Very highly recommended!
    C S K
  • S Genus
    I first started letting my property through Assured Residential 4 years ago following a bad experience with a previous letting agent that resulted in me paying thousands in repair bills. I was approached by numerous high street agents, but what stood out most about Assured Residential was their professionalism, attention to detail and their in-depth searches of potential tenants. From that point on, I had 4 years of trouble-free letting. The tenants took care of my property and paid their rent promptly. I finally decided to sell the property late last year to purchase a property to live in the South East. I didn't need any convincing to ask Assured Residential to market the property for me. They told me that they were new to the sales side of properties, however this wasn't evident. Again, their approach was very professional and acted in my best interest. They worked very well with the solicitor that they suggested I used which resulted in me needing to do very little. I could not have hoped for a better selling experience. Ross and James - Thank you again for the past 4 years.
    S Genus
  • V Singhal
    I have let my house through them for 7 years and never had any problems. The team is very professional, good with communication and trustworthy!
    V Singhal
  • Steve
    From a landlord’s perspective! I had to move away with work and so wanted to rent out my home. After dealing with several estate agents Assured Residential are clearly the most professional. I was very concerned about renting out my home but the staff made it absolutely clear that the right tenants would be put in the property. This was most definitely the case and I had some good tenants. Any issues were dealt with quickly and professionally, the team at Assured Residential always responded to my queries or concerns in a very short space of time giving me the feeling that they cared about my property and my tenants. Thank you. From a sales perspective… I needed to sell my home and although Assured Residential were new to the sales market they have a wealth of experience from their staff who have worked for other estate agents over the years. I was treated with what I perceive to be a first class service. Thank you for all your help. I hope to deal with you again in the future.
  •  Daniel Santos
    I've been with Assured Residential for 18 months and I'm only moving out because I just bought my own house. They've been very quick in addressing the issue I had with the boiler. Properties are maintained to a high standard and the relationship with the agents was great - premium service.
    Daniel Santos
  • Sarah Carter
    I’ve been with Assured Residential for 17 months and would recommend to both prospect landlords and tenants. When viewing the property it was refreshing to hear their intent is ensuring the right tenants are in the properties not just filling them. I myself was one of multi tenants interested in my house, everything about the process was very clear. My tenancy to date has been really good, issues are dealt with really quickly. Ross, Heather and Kirsty are all very friendly and helpful.
    Sarah Carter
  • Nikki Kemp
    Been with Assured Residential for 4 years. Sadly had to leave the property as our family has expanded so more rooms were needed. I must say assured have been the nicest and most professional estate agents I have ever dealt with. They are very reliable and deliver a fast service whenever there was a problem with the property it was dealt with usually within 2 days. I personally have dealt with Ross and Kirsty over the last 4 years and must say each time they have been very pleasant and extremely helpful. If there was a property big enough for rent through Assured Residential we would have gladly continued to use them. Highly recommended .”
    Nikki Kemp


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