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Managing a rental property can be stressful and is certainly time-consuming, particularly if you are already working full time or have family commitments. There is a maze of complicated, legal paperwork and legislation that extends from finding the right tenants to releasing the bond at the end of the tenancy. Not to mention the ongoing maintenance of the property, having reliable Contractors to hand, and responding to any repairs that may crop up.

Our clients enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their properties are being managed to a high standard, leaving them to focus on other areas of their lives.


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As a potential Landlord there are a number of decisions that you will need to make with a view to letting your property. It would be useful to have considered some issues prior to the initial rental appraisal, although we will be more than pleased to discuss these with you. There are also matters you will need to address prior to the actual letting of your property.


In today’s discerning market, the condition of any property offered to let should be first class and the decorative presentation will depend on the type of the property, the area which it is in and the expectations of the market to which you are to appeal.

Furnished or Unfurnished?

In today’s marketplace, by far, the primary demand is for unfurnished property that, in addition to the permanent fixtures and fittings in your property, such as a kitchen, a bathroom and satisfactory heating, is let with floor coverings, window dressings and a cooking appliance.


For example, whether you wish to permit the keeping of pets in your property or, allow smokers or consider taking applications from people on Housing Benefit. These decisions are often influenced by whether you are letting your own home for a period or an investment property. It is worthwhile remembering that any limitation narrows your market a degree, but ultimately, as the Landlord the decision is yours.

Tenants on Housing Benefit, for example, a single parent unable to work due to child care commitments, can often present an opportunity for a reasonably long term let. In an instance such as this, we would take a Guarantor to the tenancy who would be referenced and verified in the same way as a working Tenant. A bond and one month’s rent in advance would also be required.


If there is a mortgage or a secured loan against the property, you will need the permission of the Lender in order to let your property. This is not usually difficult to obtain but you should be aware of any conditions or restrictions imposed.

As Landlord the buildings insurance will remain your responsibility and again you will need permission from your Insurer. Should they not offer products for let properties or should you feel the limitations posed by any endorsements to your policy too great, then we be happy to refer you to a broker, whose products include Buildings Insurance, Landlord’s Contents Insurance (if required) and Landlord’s Legal Protection Insurance. These products are specifically designed for the rental market and we believe the premiums to be competitive.

Should the property be leasehold then you should check whether there are any restrictions in the head lease, or whether any specific permission is required with regard to the letting of your property.

Overseas Landlords

If you are to be an Overseas Landlord you are required by HMRC to register as a non-resident Landlord, for the purposes of taxation. You will be issued with an approval number, the benefit of which is that we may pass gross payment on to you but without this approval number we are required to withhold income tax and pay it over to HMRC, on your behalf. Go to and search for NRL1, approval is Agent particular and our reference number is NA35159.

If there is to be more than one Owner/Landlord to the property, then you will each, individually be required to gain approval.

Gas Safety

Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 – Where there is gas at a property, the Landlord is required by law to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate from a Gas Safe registered gas installer, prior to the commencement of the tenancy and annually whilst the property remains tenanted. All appliances, flues and chimneys belonging to the Landlord must be checked and even if all of the appliances and flues belong to the tenant, the Landlord must still provide gas safety certification for the incoming service. Even if there is nothing more than a gas meter at the property then this still must be checked.

Electrical Appliances

The Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 – These Regulations require that electrical equipment at the property be “safe and of no risk to human or animal”. Although, as a Landlord, legislation does not require you to have items professionally checked, clearly only a qualified electrician can do this and we would recommend that all appliances are PAT (portable appliance test) tested at the outset of a tenancy.
We can provide certificates via one of our approved Contractors at a reasonable cost.

Smoke Alarms

Legislation requires a working smoke alarm on each floor of a property, including the bottom of the stairs in a maisonette. A battery powered smoke alarm is acceptable and it is the Landlord’s responsibility to provide a working smoke alarm to the property and the Tenant’s responsibility to regularly test the alarm and replace the battery, where required.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms

There is a similar requirement for a Carbon Monoxide detector/alarm in any room where solid fuel is burnt, such as wood, coal or biomass, including open fires whether the fireplace is used or not. Oil is not included and neither are Gas or LPG although this could be a requirement on the Gas Safety Certificate.

Fire and Furnishings

Fire and Furnishings (Fire)(Safety) Regulations 1988 as amended 1993 – Should your decision be to let your property on a furnished basis then all soft furnishings must comply with the Regulations. All furniture manufactured after 1 March 1990 must by law comply with the safety standard and should carry a permanent label to verify this. Exempt from the Regulations are furnishings manufactured prior to 1950 and those filled with natural fibres and materials. We can, of course, advise you further.

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  • C S K
    My husband and I have had more than 10 estate agents over the student and young professional years around the country and Assured Residential have been the best estate agent we've ever had, by far! Excellent service, kind, human, tailored. No issues at all during the two years, all communication was clear, quick and transparent. Very highly recommended!
    C S K
  • S Genus
    I first started letting my property through Assured Residential 4 years ago following a bad experience with a previous letting agent that resulted in me paying thousands in repair bills. I was approached by numerous high street agents, but what stood out most about Assured Residential was their professionalism, attention to detail and their in-depth searches of potential tenants. From that point on, I had 4 years of trouble-free letting. The tenants took care of my property and paid their rent promptly. I finally decided to sell the property late last year to purchase a property to live in the South East. I didn't need any convincing to ask Assured Residential to market the property for me. They told me that they were new to the sales side of properties, however this wasn't evident. Again, their approach was very professional and acted in my best interest. They worked very well with the solicitor that they suggested I used which resulted in me needing to do very little. I could not have hoped for a better selling experience. Ross and James - Thank you again for the past 4 years.
    S Genus
  • V Singhal
    I have let my house through them for 7 years and never had any problems. The team is very professional, good with communication and trustworthy!
    V Singhal
  • Steve
    From a landlord’s perspective! I had to move away with work and so wanted to rent out my home. After dealing with several estate agents Assured Residential are clearly the most professional. I was very concerned about renting out my home but the staff made it absolutely clear that the right tenants would be put in the property. This was most definitely the case and I had some good tenants. Any issues were dealt with quickly and professionally, the team at Assured Residential always responded to my queries or concerns in a very short space of time giving me the feeling that they cared about my property and my tenants. Thank you. From a sales perspective… I needed to sell my home and although Assured Residential were new to the sales market they have a wealth of experience from their staff who have worked for other estate agents over the years. I was treated with what I perceive to be a first class service. Thank you for all your help. I hope to deal with you again in the future.
  •  Daniel Santos
    I've been with Assured Residential for 18 months and I'm only moving out because I just bought my own house. They've been very quick in addressing the issue I had with the boiler. Properties are maintained to a high standard and the relationship with the agents was great - premium service.
    Daniel Santos
  • Sarah Carter
    I’ve been with Assured Residential for 17 months and would recommend to both prospect landlords and tenants. When viewing the property it was refreshing to hear their intent is ensuring the right tenants are in the properties not just filling them. I myself was one of multi tenants interested in my house, everything about the process was very clear. My tenancy to date has been really good, issues are dealt with really quickly. Ross, Heather and Kirsty are all very friendly and helpful.
    Sarah Carter
  • Nikki Kemp
    Been with Assured Residential for 4 years. Sadly had to leave the property as our family has expanded so more rooms were needed. I must say assured have been the nicest and most professional estate agents I have ever dealt with. They are very reliable and deliver a fast service whenever there was a problem with the property it was dealt with usually within 2 days. I personally have dealt with Ross and Kirsty over the last 4 years and must say each time they have been very pleasant and extremely helpful. If there was a property big enough for rent through Assured Residential we would have gladly continued to use them. Highly recommended .”
    Nikki Kemp


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